It is time to write about the beauty of the Albanian coast, which stretches for hundreds of kilometers. There are many beaches, and as you can see from the photos, there are very few people there or almost no one at all.

The northern coast of Albania is washed by the Adriatic Sea, which differs from Croatia and Montenegro. The sea is very shallow and warm – perfect for kids. However, the water does not make such an invasive impression, the suspension of the sand makes it muddy, sometimes with the wave of the sea throws out the shore of the algae, sometimes, unfortunately, and debris. However, unlike Tunisia, for example, jellyfish are rarely found in the Adriatic, you can swim safely without fear of being bitten or burned, and the wide sandy beaches will be a real pleasure for lovers to look at the swimmers from the outside. Gorgeous coast south of Durres, where directly in the sand grows stone pines, which cover with their shadow from the direct rays of the sun. The umbrella then becomes unnecessary ultimately; the air is cool, even in the August heat.

If you want to enjoy the clean beach and azure water, and you are offered a trip to Durrёs, refuse immediately, because in this city of Albania you will not find anything related to cleanliness. Among tourists, some rumors once swimming in seawater, and you can get serious skin diseases. Things are so bad, not only because Durrёs is a port, but also because there was a drain of sewage several years ago.

However, despite all the warnings, the people of Kosovo like to relax here.


Dhërmi Beach

Here the elite of the state rests. In general, the south of Albania (and the city of Dhërmi is located in this part of the country) is famous for its beaches. If you decide to go on vacation here, this is a perfect idea, even though holidays in Dhërmi are more expensive than anywhere else in Albania. It is very convenient to live in wooden houses. Inside each apartment there is a double bed and a sofa, it is possible to accommodate four people: parents and two children. It is convenient — only a few steps from the sea. There are also restaurants and a tent bar in the central part of the main beach. Everything is beautiful and well maintained. In restaurants, however, for an inexplicable reason, there is no decent inexpensive wine. Only bottled wine is sold and not of good quality. This is especially strange because in Albania there is a lot of wine everywhere, and homemade wine is almost always delicious and cheap.

We also recommend that you pay attention to the resorts of the city of Himara, here you will also find excellent service and decent conditions for relaxation.


Livadi Beach

Wide beach, where you can also stay overnight in hotel-type apartments near the sea. The picturesque descent from the mountains will take you to the very beginning of the beach. Hungry as a wolf will immediately run to occupy the first deck chair by the sea, but make an effort, do not hurry so. I suggest that you drive or stroll to the very end of the beach, in the part that is hidden by the ledge of the rock.


Saranda Beach

This city is a real resort in Albania. There is everything for tourists and a regular vacation. Saranda “wakes up” only during the holiday season. Night promenades with a variety of entertainments, excellent beaches, many souvenir shops – in Saranda, there is where to spend money and enjoy your vacation. The beaches here are equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, music, and numerous cafes. However, from that, they are no less clean, beautiful, and azure. It is the most popular resort in Albania, attracting thousands of tourists every year.


Ksamil Beach

A few kilometers south of Saranda is the town of Ksamil, which boasts in front of tourists its loose sandy beaches and … the ruins of freshly built houses. Therefore, the city government is fighting against the illegal construction of residents who dream of having a villa on the seashore.

Tourists are not confused by the “boxes” destroyed by bulldozers, because it is worth going to Ksamil for impressions of clear azure seawater.

Attention to tourists who like night walks along the promenade and a good dinner in the restaurant. In Ksamil you will not find this. You need to go here only for a beach holiday.

Slight hitch for a shred

If you consider yourself a gourmet and when traveling love to taste the original dishes of the national cuisine of the country in which you arrived on vacation in quiet cafes, you should not go to Albania. Many tourists complain that catering in this country is at a deficient level. It is not even about maintenance. The point is cooking – they do not know how to cook here.

Not only tourists but also locals love this beach as if it came from a painted picture. Albanians call it Bora Bora. Indeed, the azure water, the soft white sand and the small islands that form a cozy romantic cove – all together create an incredible atmosphere and the cafes on the coast will offer you delicious lunch and refreshments.

However, if you like extreme vacations, if you go on vacation for free alcohol and evening entertainment, then you need to choose Albania. This is enough for everyone here!

You can enjoy Albanian beauty during a few vacations!