When you are in the market for a new air conditioner, you will need to carry out some research on the numerous types of AC units available in the market. The most common options you may come across are PTAC units and mini split systems.

Prior to you make a decision on any air conditioning system, it is essential to understand some vital features of PTAC and mini split systems to guarantee your purchase is the best one for your circumstances. Mentioned below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of both PTAC and mini split air conditioners to help you come to a decision which one is accurate for you.


PTACs also referred to as packaged terminal air conditioners are air conditioners that are installed through the wall to regulate the temperature in a separate room. These reasonably priced units are seen in hospital rooms, hotel rooms, assisted living facilities, and dorms quite popularly. Their simple installation design also makes them the best solution for sunrooms. All PTAC units also include heating abilities which ensures maximum comfort throughout the year.

Difference between PTAC and Air Conditioner units

While PTAC units are ideal for an individual room, they are not perfect for whole- home comfort. This is because they are not as competent or as calm as other home cooling options. Mentioned below are some of the benefits that you can expect by investing on top quality ptac units from well-known store:

  •  The best thing about PTAC is that they are reasonably priced
  •  Apart from this, they can be installed easily
  •  This is ideal for single room solution
  •  They can be replaced easily whenever required
  •  Since this is a sealed system, it requires little maintenance

Coming to the mini split systems, these air conditioning systems comprise of an indoor unit along with an outdoor unit. These systems can be used to cool a single room or a specific area, in addition to whole home. This makes the mini split a more flexible option. Mini split systems are by far the most proficient kind of air conditioning system. The disadvantage is that they are more costly to install, but you will likely reap savings in the end.

Whether you choose to go with a PTAC unit or a mini split system, it depends on your specific requirements. If you are planning to cool an entire home, a mini split system is the best option available. However, if you are looking forward to cool a single room, you can go with for a PTAC. So, depending on your requirements and budgets, you can easily choose the one that offers you maximum benefits. However, whether you invest on PTAC or mini split system you must choose a reliable company which has several years of experience in this field. You can certainly buy the system from the online shopping portals as they help you in saving a lot of money on the final product. But it is always better that you check in the nearby store at first before buying the PTAC online.