Are you looking for the best electric furnace that suits your needs? Is the electric blower the best choice for your home? If you are searching answer for such questions, yes you are landed at the right place. Before buying an electric furnace, you need to consider many factors like brand, installation fittings, price, features and much more. A buying guide will give you all the essential details you need.


Although there are different types of electric heaters out there, most people prefer electric furnace over the gas furnace.
• Modular blowers are not as expensive as heat pumps and oil furnaces.
• The installation cost would be lesser than any other gas furnace
• It keeps you warm throughout the day.
• Modular blowers are easy to maintain
• They don’t give off carbon monoxide, thus it saves our environment.


Electric furnace comes in a variety of sizes to spread warm air to multiple rooms. First, decide your needs and then choose the furnace types. When you want to provide heat to multiple rooms, you can opt for a heater with a complex duct system. Sometimes, they can be paired with other heat accessories like air handlers, heat pumps etc. For a single AC furnace unit, you need to spend around $700. Besides, it costs you around $2500 for installation service.

Electric Furnace- Buying Guide

How to calculate the operating cost?

They are compact, sturdy and have high-efficiency rate. You can easily avail them from the reputed brand at a reasonable price. The operating costs also matter. However, the operating costs differ based on the place where you live and the electricity costs in your city. To find out the operating cost, you have to do a simple calculation. First, go and check your electricity bill to find the estimated cost for a kilowatt per hour. You need to measure how much kilowatts the heater consumes to heat the rooms. If your electric furnace consumes 15kw, just multiply it by the estimated cost for a kilowatt. The amount you get is the heating cost of the blower per hour. If it seems to be a big task, just look for the electric energy calculator online.

Who should install it?

The working principle of the modular blower is based on the big hair dryer. While installing modular blowers you need to be very careful. If you don’t want to get it installed by yourself, just approach the experienced electrician. Most electricians don’t recommend DIY installation as it might lead to a leak. Make sure that the electrician you choose is skilled and experienced. They should be able to connect blower motor with complex duct systems.

When it comes to finding the best electrician to fulfill the installation needs, you should spend quality time to hire the best electric furnace installer. It takes time, effort and research to connect with the local installers and negotiate. There are many free local quote services out there. You need to contact the top 3 installers in your location to use this service. The installation service should be licensed, insured and prescreened.