As the playing style changes based on the court surface, so it is better to wear the tennis shoes depending on the surface of the court. There are different types of shoes that you require for clay, hard and grass courts. Among the various types of sports, tennis is the most diverse sport as it allows the players to play on hard, clay or grass courts. Once you know your technique of play you will need to know how to acclimatize to the court surface as well as your shoe is the primary thing to consider, after all it is, all the time in contact with the ground.

Clay Court Tennis Shoes

How to choose tennis shoes to wear on clay, hard and grass court?

As clay courts are little sluggish players with lots of power can stand back and set free huge shots. Therefore, the necessity for lateral support and stability increases and this is because you need to move side to side before setting the feet for the shot. In addition to this you will also need the following things:

  • Durable sides so that your shoe does not get damaged as you slide for the bad
  • Perfect grip as the dusty clay courts do not offer much traction.
  • A firm upper that keeps the foot secure as you move around the court.

Grass Court Tennis Shoes

How to choose tennis shoes to wear on clay, hard and grass court?

When playing on the grass court you will need to make sure that the tennis shoe has the following characteristics:

  • The upper part of the shoe should be flexible which means when you run forward towards the ball, your feet is not constricted.
  • Make sure that the shoe has a good grip as grass courts tend to be smooth, either owing to dew or since it is faded in due course
  • The requirement for hard-wearing outsoles on grass courts is lower as the surface is softer underfoot and does not harm your shoes.

Hard Court Tennis Shoes

How to choose tennis shoes to wear on clay, hard and grass court?

The hard courts are usually considered a neutral ground in terms of speed and bounce of the ball off the court. It suits numerous different playing styles, with both powerful and fast players consistently matched. When playing on a hard court, make sure that the shoe has the following features:

  • The shoes should have hard upper that gives stability when you are moving around the court
  • Ensure that the shoe has a tough outsole which can deal with the demands of hard court surface.

These are some of the vital things that need to be considered when it comes to buying tennis shoes. When shopping for tennis shoes for women, it is always better to buy it from reputed online portals such as such as NYCmode, Amazon and other leading websites.