Travelling is always fun and who doesn’t love travelling when it’s on a low budget. Lucking around the world there are so many places which one can easily explore within their budget. When we talk about budget it is something which we fix for our vacation. Going for vacation and sticking within the budget is very important.

Many times it becomes very hard to plan such a holiday which is within our budget, but below are the top pick places around the world that you can easily travel without thinking much about your budget.


1. Canada:

Low Budget Travel Places To Visit Around The World-Canada

It is one of the most favourable places to visit within your budget. The exchange rate is also very good which a plus point is for travellers. One can travel to different places in Canada with exotic dining at a lower price.

2. Mexico:

Low Budget Travel Places To Visit Around The World-Mexico

The exchange rate of Mexican peso is currently (1$=20.35 Mexican peso). With such exchange rates, it becomes one of the most affordable destinations for travellers who love culture and cuisine both together. The hotels of Mexico are very cheap and affordable offering you an exotic and luxurious stay.

3. South Africa:

Low Budget Travel Places To Visit Around The World-South Africa

The exchange rate of South Africa is also very much in favour. The current exchange rate if 1$=14.06 south African Rand. You can travel around the city and it would hardly cost you $30 at the end of the day. You get to visit astonishing places around the city which are also very cheap and can give you a bliss feeling for sure. The hotels are also very cheap and affordable it would charge you $100 or less per night stay.

4. Crete:

Low Budget Travel Places To Visit Around The World-Crete

If you love beaches and seas food then Crete is surely a must visit places. The US dollar is currently very strong as compared to euro thus the prices in Greece are quite low due to the crisis they have been facing. Thus one can enjoy the exotic beachside stay and vacation with lowest of price.

5. Costa Rica:

Low Budget Travel Places To Visit Around The World-Costa Rica

It is one of those places which are mostly famous for forest and biodiversity places. One can find tons of national parks which are very cheap and affordable for stay as well. In Costa Rica to travel around different places, it would cost hardly $5 to $10 per day.

6. Cambodia:

Low Budget Travel Places To Visit Around The World-Cambodia

Travelling to Cambodia via flight can be a bit expensive but once you are in Cambodia the living and other expenses are very low and budget friendly. Hotel is also very cheap providing you great and luxurious dining with low price.

7. Bali:

Low Budget Travel Places To Visit Around The World-Bali

Bali offers you great and cheap stay near beach side. The prices are so much economic that you can book your own cottage with a personal swimming pool. One gets a great value for money in Bali and not to forget the transportation, spa facility, luxury facility and everything you can think of is very cheap and budget friendly.

Thus Travelling is always fun and joyful if you go to places that are pocket-friendly and stores a lot of excitement in itself.