WOWFARE main goal is to offer you the most convenient and discount flights deal!


Who are we?

Wowfare is a professional travel agency and your travel partner with 11 years of cooperation among thousands of airlines, travel agents and you as our priority customer. Founded in 2007 Wowfare has since developed a еvеr-еvоlving and cooperative relationship with top airlines and carriers. Wowfare travel agency is recognized as a safe and result-proven consolidator in the travel industry. We render cheap flight booking offers and provide outstanding travel services to people around the world. As our pointed strategy, we make the existing data on air ticket prices transparent to as many people as possible to help you get the most comfortable and advantageous air tickets on your desired destination.

Our travel experts help guide our customers through the thousands of travel opportunities they have by narrowing them down to specific options that best suit them and then offering an expert market analysis and recommendations.

Our mission is making travel planning a breeze in every way imaginable.


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