In the news, the most trending you can check in the field of trading and purchase is a scam. Daily there is one news dedicated especially to the hacking of bank accounts and personal information. Thus one must be extra careful while doing online shopping and take care of the following points:

1. Don’t Trust On Mobile Devices

Safety tips to take care of while online shopping-Don’t trust on mobile devices

Smartphone’s are one of the easiest and convenient ways to do online shopping but this doesn’t make it count in protected devices. As we known most of the Smartphone’s don’t have antivirus in them which makes it one of the non- trusted devices. Thus it is very easy for criminals to easily steal your information and misuse it. So whenever you think of using your Smartphone for any kind of online purchase remember to password protect it for secure payment usage.

2. Never Use Public Wi-Fi

Safety tips to take care of while online shopping-Never Use Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi can turn into a threat for many as for hackers your phone is easy to hack through public Wi-Fi. The data in your phone can be easily checked and used by other user and misused.

3. Bank Statement

Safety tips to take care of while online shopping-Bank Statement

Always keep an eye on your bank statements. While in the world of latest technology and development there are such options available where you can enter your card details and do unlimited purchase without entering your details every other time. Thus in such a situation, it becomes high risk for the user to get their information leaked online. Thus always keep checking your bank account statements regularly to keep yourself safe and secure.

4. Change Your Online Passwords Regularly

Safety tips to take care of while online shopping-Change Your Online Passwords Regularly

It can be painful to change the password on a regular basis but doing it for your good is never a bad thing. Thus to keep your information safe and secure regularly change your bank passwords after every three to six month.

5. Stay Alert From Online Links

Safety tips to take care of while online shopping-Stay Alert From Online Links

We all are aware of the various links we receive through emails with an instruction of clicking the link below and avail exciting and eye-catching offers. Clicking any random link in the email can be a great threat for you as that can easily leak all your personal information to the hacker which further he can misuse. So never click on such fraud email and links randomly.

6. Use A Protected Browser

Safety tips to take care of while online shopping-Use A Protected Browser

Protected browser is best to use when we are going to make any kind of online purchase. A protected browser ensures that your information doesn’t leak out or no other user can reach to it. Thus one should always use a protected browser.

7. Go With Cash

Safety tips to take care of while online shopping-Go With Cash

We often think of going cashless and do online payment to avoid paying cash or pennies. Thus it is recommended that if you want to avoid providing your card information online try to go cashless. Go for cash delivery option as it is one of the safest ways to purchase and stay secure.

Online transactions can turn threat and devastating as with day to day latest technology and updates it is very hard to keep your money secure and safe. Thus one can follow the above tips to keep oneself away from all of this.