Every house needs an intelligent house protection system now a day because of the threat of theft has been very high. Thus having house protecting devices helps to keep you safe from any kind of unpleasant circumstances. There are a number of gadgets to look after your house but here you can check the top pick best security gadgets for your home.

1. The smart lock of August

Top gadgets to look after your house security-The smart lock of August

This special security gadget can be turned on via. any Android smartphone or iOS. With this device, you can go keyless. It easily locks your door and unlocks it via. your mobile device. One can assign especially dedicated keys to every house member and check who is coming when easily. August lock offers friends and guest entry as well. This security gadget cost $200 which is surely a great deal.

2. The smart security camera from LG

Top gadgets to look after your house security-The smart security camera from LG

With LG’s different security ranges this security device is one of the best. This camera device comes with motion sensor tracker, speaker and microphone. It is a small camera which can be installed on walls or the best place can be in front of the door. This security camera also has an app which you can download on your phone and easily check what’s going around. The price of this home security device is $199.

3. Kuna light camera

Top gadgets to look after your house security-Kuna light camera

When you seeking for total door security this one surely one of the best to fool people easily. This camera device is designed in such a way that at first glance it would look like a simple light build but little do the thieves know that the button of the light has high definition cameras installed which can capture any activity. Apart from only capturing videos if you want to talk with the person outside it works as a communicator also. Price of this device is $158

4. Bolt

Top gadgets to look after your house security-Bolt

This device helps you go keyless as it enables the person to unlock or lock the door using the phone. This security device runs using Bluetooth rather than internet which is a plus point as one doesn’t need to be depended on the internet. Whenever someone comes into your house the device sends you a vibrating message so that you are always stay updated. This cool security device cost $99 which is surely budget friendly.

5. Canary

Top gadgets to look after your house security-Canary

This device has night camera which enables to you get a clear view of your house even in the night with motion detectors. This device has an app facility as well which makes it easy for the viewer to check inside the house anytime. Apart from all this it also has and security call and siren facility. So that whenever you feel something is wrong you can easily dial security officials or ring the siren to bug off all the intruders. This super cool home security device is available at a price of $199 which may vary site to site.