The year 2020 might have ceased most industrial operations but still has not been able to disrupt the release of mobile phones. The brands are releasing an extensive lineup of numerous flagships, pseudo-flagships, mid-level, and entry-level cellphones all around the globe. The prices have not seen a massive drop but the overall price structure seems to be a bit raised amid the pandemic.

It is appreciable to witness such dedication from the manufacturing industry that is working hard to produce newer and impressive units cater to the ever growing mobile phone market. We’ve curated a list of top upcoming mobile phones in 2020 and their expected release dates as per our research.


One Plus Nord

One Plus never ceases to dazzle the audience with its flagship products. But this time One Plus has shifted gears and fabricated a mid-level smartphone to cater to the budget centric audience all across the globe. The phone is power-packed with features and comes with very aggressive pricing that will deter the confidence of most of the competitors. The phone boasts of a Snapdragon 765G processor inside a 6.44 inches body that will ravage any content thrown at it. The One Plus is set to launch in September and will be priced around 335 dollars for the base variant.


Phone Name Release Date
 One Plus Nord  The first week of September


Samsung Galaxy M31S

Samsung Galaxy M31s is the latest iteration from their M-series lineup that is quirky for the most part. The M-series is notorious for aggressive pricing in the mid-level segment. The Samsung Galaxy M31s has been much-hyped and much advertised throughout the consumer market. The phone boasts of an Exynos 9 chipset behind a 6.5 inch Super AMOLED display that is gorgeous to look at, keeping in mind the pricing. The battery is ginormous at 6000 mAh. The Samsung Galaxy M31s is set to grace the market with its presence in the last week of July 2020 at 230 dollars.


Phone Name Release Date
 Samsung Galaxy M31s  The last week of July 2020


Realme 7 Pro

The Realme 7 Pro is the latest offering from the brand that does very little in improving the overall build quality of its lineup. Nevertheless, the Realme series is widely popular because of striking specifications and the price point at which it retails in the market. The Realme 7 Pro will support 5G bandwidth and is the major highlight of this offering. It too is a battery monster boasting a battery capacity of 6000 mAh with fast charging support. The Realme 7 Pro is expected to arrive in the last week of July at 230 dollars.


Phone Name Release Date
 Realme 7 Pro  The last week of July


Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro is the latest iteration in the Note series from the makers at Redmi. The phone boasts of a 6.7 inches screen that is powered by a Snapdragon 765G chipset and runs on the latest version of the Android. The phone has a battery capacity of 5000+ mAh, which is still less than what its competitors are offering. Nevertheless, the IPS panel is gorgeous to look at, and with 5G bandwidth support, it will sell like hot-cakes in the retail market. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro is expected to arrive in late August with an expected base price of 250 dollars.


Phone Name Release Date
 Redmi Note 10 Pro  The last week of August


Samsung Galaxy M41

The Samsung Galaxy M41 is the next iteration in the coming months that is a literal battery monster. With the specs at which it is supposed to ship is overwhelming at first sight. It is rumoured to amass a 6800 mAh battery in a 6.3 form factor which will be impressive to use. The phone does not come with 5G support like its other offerings and only supports dual 4G nano sim’s. The Samsung Galaxy M41 is rumoured to arrive in the second week of August at a price point of 310 dollars.


Phone Name Release Date
 Samsung Galaxy M41  The second week of August


OnePlus Z

The OnePlus Z is surprising the audience with a pseudo-flagship offering that will turn heads after its release. The impressive features include a higher refresh rate display at 90 Hz and a 6.55 inches screen with fluid AMOLED architecture. The phone seems confident of its optimization and ships with a measly battery of 4300 mAh with support for One Plus’s proprietary WARP charging. The phone will come with a non-expandable storage option but will support 5G bandwidth which is a huge plus for its consumers. The OnePlus Z is expected to arrive in late August, at rumoured pricing of 470 dollars.


Phone Name Release Date
 OnePlus Z  The last week of August


Xiaomi Mi A4

Xiaomi impressed us by introducing a stock Android program phone that was well appreciated by the audience. The phone is all set to launch a fourth iteration titled Xiaomi Mi A4 and will be an entry-level smartphone with the Android One program. The phone houses the specification of a budget builds with a Snapdragon 712 chipset behind a 6.5 inches body. The accessibility features of a stock Android device is a pleasure to use. The Xiaomi Mi A4 is expected to hit the market in the third week of August 2020.


Phone Name Release Date
 Xiaomi Mi A4 The third week of August


Xiaomi Redmi K30

Xiaomi is notoriously famous for flooding the smartphone market with newer iteration in several months of the same year. The variants although differ very slightly in specs and are mostly a spec-bump from the earlier version. The Xiaomi Redmi K30 follows in similar footsteps with a massive 6.67 inches screen and a 120 Hz refresh rate that is a strong selling point for gamers these days. The phone comes with a slower 730g chipset from Snapdragon that is acceptable at this price point. The phone comes with fast charging support and a battery capacity of 4500 mAh that can last a day. The phone is rumored to release in the last week of August a base price of 220 dollars.


Phone Name Release Date
 Xiaomi Redmi K30  The last week of August


This our comprehensive lineup of the rumoured smartphones that are set to arrive in upcoming months. The dates and prices can vary across different locations and can be slightly different in your region. The specification can vary too, sometimes with different chip sets and components for different regions.