American Standard is a ginormous dealer of home solutions that include HVAC systems. The company holds a reputation for fabricating products that are efficient, reliable, and do not put a massive dent on your budget. The notion that cheap isn’t bankable does not sit well with American Standard. They have established that residential HVAC solutions do not always require frivolous spending and continuously work to curb unnecessary costs.

American Standard air conditioners try to keep up with the mutations happening in the HVAC industry. They embed the latest and greatest features in their products. This opportunistic approach by the company has generated a fully-equipped line of products that blend in with user’s demands.

Pros / GOOD

  • The Accu Comfort technology is a major leap towards unmonitored cooling systems.
  • The air conditioning units are less noisy than most of the competitors out there in the market.
  • The impressive SEER ratings make it a suitable choice for families who want comforting cooling at a low operation cost.
  • The variants are EER certified and do not aggravate the already depleting natural resources.
  • The humidity control ensures a much natural cooling environment.
  • The Accu Clean filter technology removes dust and allergens.

Cons / BAD

  • The American Standard air conditioners have an inferior build quality.
  • The air conditions use all-aluminum coils which are less-conducting than copper.
  • Only a select few machines are deemed worthy of being called noiseless.
  • The warranty does not cover labor and other charges.
  • The company does not provide any authorized HVAC professionals for hassle-free installation.

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AC  Types by American Standard

American standard manufactures centralized air conditioners that can sustain harsh weather conditions. The centralized systems are further subdivided into Platinum, Gold, and silver series that differ in features and pricing.

The Platinum series air conditioners have the highest SEER ratings and variable cooling stages. The initial cost of setting up these variants is higher as compared to the rest of the lineup.

The Gold series air conditioners are a little less efficient than platinum series due to capped costs. The gold series nevertheless, have other quirks that make them an overall composed unit.

The Silver series air conditioners are the economical offering from the company and are one of the quietest AC’s out there in the market.


Advanced Functions

American Standard’s modern air conditioners run in congruence with their proprietary technology AccuComfort. American Standard claims it to be a life-saver when it comes to reducing the load on the air conditioner when the weather is not harsh enough.

American Standard has a few quintessential oddities that make their products stand out. Their air conditioners have the following features-

  • The air conditioners are constructed upon AccuComfort technology that propels its efficiency to a higher level. It is an auto-optimization system that alters the operating power to ensure the longevity of the air conditioning unit.

  • AccuComfort also enables the air conditioning unit to be in running mode at all times. It does not cycle on and off like other generic AC units and provides a comprehensive low-power consuming system. It does run at all times but does not switch on and off periodically, thereby eliminating abrupt shutdowns.

  • American Standard units are catered towards residential usage and have fine-tuned their machines with AI-enabled technologies to provide seamless cooling and less-complicated operation modes.

  • The air conditioners come with an Enhanced Humidity Control attribute that eliminates the dampness from the room. It channels the humidity levels and removes the uneasiness that is associated with it.

  • The American Standard has altered the fan rotation speed of the air conditioning unit to minimize the noise that emanates from it. The incessant humming can be exasperating for consumers that lie close to the installation area.

  • The air conditioners incorporate Accu Clean technology in their units that prevent unwanted intrusion of dust and allergens that can seep into your room via the cooling unit. This is a useful feature for consumers that suffer from seasonal allergies.

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Efficiency (SEER Rating)

The American Standard air conditioners have an excellent SEER rating of up to 22 and have reiterated the importance of a good SEER rating in HVAC units. Even the economical variants can attain a rating of 14.5 which is impressive. High SEER ratings result in reduced operating costs over time and should be a deterministic factor while eying a product.



The Silver series is the most compact offering from American Standard and starts from 1.5 tonnes capacity. The Gold and Platinum models can go up to a maximum capacity of 5 tonnes and can fulfill the needs of a mid-sized residence.


Energy Efficiency Rating

The Silver and Gold variants are energy star certified and do not amplify the operating costs over a period. The range averages around a 44% decrease in electricity costs and is a prominent choice for consumers who do not wish to spend a stockpile of resources. The high EER also reduces the harsh effect on the environment.

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Sound / Noise rating

The American Standard air conditioners are not as vociferous as compared to their competitors. The Silver 16 is an impeccably silent machine with audio emission of just 35 decibels. This is barely distinguishable in an outdoor setting and causes less strain to the users inside the room.


Compression and coils

American Standard uses all-aluminum coils in their air conditioning units that are less susceptible to corrosion. The all-aluminum material denotes that every conducting part is built with the same material to maintain uniformity in output levels. The material is cheaper and conducts heat effectively and is no-surprise in an economical product. Copper is a better conductor of heat but elevates the manufacturing costs and is avoided in most residential models.

The high-efficiency platinum models use two-stage compressors with variable speed. The cheaper models use single-stage compressors that are a little less efficient.

It's Time to Think about Air Conditioner Maintenance

Installation and maintenance

The American standard air conditioners are required to be only installed by licensed HVAC contractors. The constraint puts many users in dilemma over high installation costs and limited availability of reliable contractors. The company runs dedicated customer support for unwanted anomalies that may arise in the system. It is advised to periodically inspect your air conditioner for leaks and wobbles during operation and shut it off if things get shaky.



American Standard offers a 10-year limited warranty on compressor, coils, and internal functional parts. The company does not exhibit any relaxation for labor, shipping, and freight charges and treats them as a separate transaction. The company provides an optional extended warranty that covers the labor and other costs that are not included in the standard warranty.



American Standard is one of the top brands when it comes to residential cooling solutions. The products are cheap and efficient with effective cooling capacity. The company does very little for ensuring a smoother installation experience. The noiseless variants are a select few and can be slightly expensive. The build quality is not so impressive and deteriorates with time. The American Standard products are still reliable than other cheaper company derivatives.

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