Bryant is an established and reputed manufacturer of HVAC products including furnaces. Bryant has a history of manufacturing electrical components and transcended to the HVAC manufacturing in its later stages. Bryant is a subsidiary of the Carrier brand and produces competent gas furnaces.

Bryant HVAC products are affordable and have displayed a powerful resolve to stand the test of time. The difference lies in areas where cost-cutting can be implemented, such as the exterior body and little compromises here and there.

Pros / GOOD

  • The fan on Plus is a technology that offers better control over the fan speed.
  • Separate filter cabinet with Dirt sense technology.
  • Energy star models help in curbing the energy costs.
  • A fully insulated cabinet prevents the rattling of the system.
  • Pilot-free ignitor that turns on the burners without manual input.

Cons / BAD

  • The pricing is on the higher side due to the brand value.
  • The modulating gas valve is only present in a single variant.
  • The installation costs are very high.
  • The body of the cheaper variants is flimsy in construction.
  • The warranty program does not cover labor costs.


Bryant categorizes its furnaces into two types, namely oil, and gas furnaces.

Gas Furnaces

Evolution Series gas furnaces 

The Evolution series offered by Bryant can put many high-efficiency counterparts to shame with its impressive construction and useful features. The gas furnaces have the highest AFUE ratings of up to 98.3 and offer great comfort at a hefty price tag.

100,000 Btu 92.1 Afue Bryant Gas Furnace 922SA60100E21 for sale online |  eBay

Preferred Series gas furnace

The preferred series gas furnaces offered by Bryant are known to offer the best of both worlds with a not so significant reduction in price. The series eliminates a few quirks that can be found in the Evolution series but still manage to reach admissible efficiency ratings.

Legacy Series gas furnace

The Legacy series is the budget-centric lineup from Bryant that is appealing to the entry-level consumer market. The series comprises of gas furnaces that can reach the base-standard AFUE rating and with a few exceptions that can cross the 90 percent mark.

Oil Furnaces

Bryant also makes oil furnaces whose variants can be found under the Preferred, and Legacy series. They are still able to achieve over 80 percent of efficiency ratings and are useful for regions where gas is not a readily available option.

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Fuel Type 

The furnaces offered by Bryant use propane and natural gas to power up the unit and combust to produce heat. They also have oil-based furnaces for regions that do not have direct access to natural gas.


The AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of a gas furnace is used to measure its efficiency. It is obtained by dividing the ratio of heat output by the input. The rating describes how judiciously a gas furnace uses the fuel supplied to it. The efficiency ratings of the Bryant gas furnace lying in the Evolution series and Preferred series can go up to the 90 plus mark with ease. Some variants of the Legacy series can cross 90 percentile AFUE rating, but most of them have the lowest admissible rating of 80 percent. The oil furnaces, on the other hand, can go up to 86 percent AFUE rating.


The BTU is the capacity of the gas furnace that can effectively heat an area without difficulty. The range of Bryant gas furnace is from 40000-120000 BTU, and can effectively heat an area ranging from 600-1000 square-foot to 2300-3000 square-foot house respectively.


The position of the Bryant furnace comes in horizontal, vertical, and multi-position models that can fit in with whatever style the consumer is comfortable with.

Other Features

  • The modulating gas valve variants can provide seamless operation with very little stuttering and maintain even temperature at high loads.

  • Perfect Humidity technology removes the humidity from the residence and can also provide a relief in summers.

  • The Bryant furnaces have a separate external cabinet for filter pads that makes swapping out the filters easier.

  • True Sense technology can determine the dirt accumulation in the filter system and provide timely alerts.

  • The Bryant furnaces use a communicating technology that can be paired with an Evolution control thermostat for better precision.

Installation and maintenance

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The installation of a Bryant gas furnace is made less complex for the user by the company. Bryant provides its assortment of trained professionals that will ensure a safe and standard installation of the gas furnace unit. A strict guideline is followed throughout the installation procedure. Maintenance of a gas furnace should only be done by an experienced HVAC professional and should be kept out of reach of others.


The company offers a 10-year parts limited warranty which is only availed by online registration of your product on their website. If the user is not able to complete the registration process within 90 days of purchase, the warranty is reduced to 5 years. They also provide an optional labor warranty that covers labor charges.


Bryant is a budget-centric offering with no hidden costs. It is directed towards the economical sub-section of the population and houses decent grade components in a not-so superior chassis. It is advisable to go for Bryant if you want a hassle-free installation with good reliability for the future ahead.