Goodman Air Conditioning and Heating is a pioneer in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) industry. Goodman Manufacturing produces air conditioning units for residential as well as commercial use. The Goodman Air conditioning products are a subcategory of the manufacturing giant and have a well-established presence over domestic and global markets.

Goodman Air Conditioners are well-built and fine-tuned in congruence with its usage and do not falter easily. The main reason behind this attribute is the four+ decades of experience that encourages them to minimize costs and avoid cutting-corners. The air conditioner components are self-manufactured, which leaves very little room for unnecessary commotion and baffling errors.

Pros / GOOD

  • An efficient two-stage compressor in viable for less-energy consumption.
  • The units are less noisy due to the improved compressor system.
  • The copper coils increase the heat exchange rate of the system.
  • The Comfort Bridge technology is a leap toward AI-optimised cooling systems.
  • The fan operates on variable speed s according to the inflicted load.

Cons / BAD

  • Ther are very few options to choose from.
  • The maintenance is hefty and excruciating.
  • The labor charge is not covered in the warranty.
  • The complete system’s installation cost is greater than the standalone unit price.
  • The warranty is void if you install it yourself and requires a certified professional.

AC Types by Goodman

Goodman offers Split Air Conditioners and Central AC units which can be infused directly into your ventilation system with supported air handlers. These models are generally installed outside the house and are connected to the ventilation system by pipes. The Goodman currently manufactures five different models of variable tonnage capacity depending upon the expanse of the cooling area.

Advanced Functions

Goodman Air conditioners have Comfort Bridge technology embedded in them. It is a proprietary automation system by the company and comes pre-installed with few-select products to increase their efficacy. Comfort Bridge uses optimization algorithms to decrease energy consumption by the cooling unit. It is installed in HVAC units to adjudge the cooling requirement based upon data gathering and analysis over a period of time. This eliminates the role of the thermostat to keep adjusting the temperature every now and then. The load management is used to determine temperature stability during peak-hours.

Goodman Air Conditioner Prices & Installation Cost 2020

The Goodman air-conditioners come with a number of useful features. Some of them are –

  • Comfort Bridge introduces compatibility between the thermostat and the HVAC unit. The thermostat is no longer the sole governing body of the cooling system. Comfort Bridge technology continuously monitors system performance to ensure efficient use of energy used to heat or cool the room.

  • High-density foam compressor sound blanket is installed in Goodman air conditioners to minimize the noise generation while not muffling its normal operation. The outdoor units tend to make a lot of noise and this feature impedes the inconvenience caused to the environment and the neighbors.

  • Factory-installed sensors monitor any abrupt change in the coil and ambient temperature and prevent uncontrollable but serious blunders that could result in costly repairs.

  • Copper tube & enhanced aluminum fin coil ensures proper heat dissipation from the indoors. The warm air is carried to the outdoor cooling unit which removes the heats, de-pressurises the gas to revert back cool air into the room.

  • A High-efficiency two-speed ECM condenser fan motor pushes out the warm gust of air that is present inside the condenser to ensure longer operating hours and minimize over-heating of the product.

  • The Goodman HVAC units come with a filter dryer that removes the moisture from the system to supplement a smoother flow of the refrigerant.

Efficiency (SEER rating)

The SEER rating is a maximum efficiency rating that determines how judiciously the cooling unit uses the electricity to maintain desired temperatures. The product with a SEER rating of 13 and above is considered optimal but the mentioned rating can vary depending upon usage and outdoor temperatures. The Goodman devices can attain up to a SEER rating of 19 and are energy-efficient devices.

Tonnage Capacity

The Goodman air conditioners tonnage ranges between 1.5-5 tonnes depending upon the model and room size. This range is adequate for small/medium homes with properly sealed air inlets. The AC tonnage should be precisely determined according to the area dimensions.

Energy Efficiency Rating

Goodman Air Conditioners: Surprising Improvements in Recent Years ...

The Goodman HVAC units can reach an EER rating of 14 units and are not-power hungry machines. Optimal fan operation and less difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures can increase the EER significantly.

Sound / Noise rating

The Goodman HVAC units are generally quieter than their competitors due to the two-stage scroll compressor system. The system accurately determines the mode of operation with a change in temperatures and operates its desired compressor. The variable fan speed can also minimize operating noise and decrease energy consumption.

Compression and coils

The Goodman air conditioners use copper coils with aluminum fins to increase the absorption area and optimal refrigerant flow. Copper is less pliable and expensive than aluminum coils. The copper coils have a higher heat exchange rate and do not corrode easily. The best models use a two-stage scroll compressor that is more energy-efficient due to the distributed workload.

Installation and maintenance

The Goodman AC units should only be installed by a certified HVAC professional that has a complete idea of the needs of the house. The inspection process should be precise and the installation must be devoid of any wear and tear to the unit. Periodic filter replacement and corrosion check along with dust cleaning of the fan should be done by a professional to check for any irregularities in the unit. The inspection also unravels any wear and tear of the components along with tightening loose bolts and lug nuts.


Goodman air conditioners come with a 5-year parts limited warranty that is activated on the day of the purchase. It does not require any paperwork and is hassle-free. However, with an expensive product like this the company offers an extended 10-year warranty if you register the product on their website and a lifetime compressor warranty on select models. The consumers can also choose from the select warranty feature which comes at a price and increases the cover-period of intricate parts.



Goodman air conditioners are adept at cooling and energy management but lack proper, company certified installation mechanism. The company is also stringent with warranty regulation and doesn’t encourage DIY installations. A Factory Authorized Installer is common with other companies and ensures frictionless installation for consumers which is missing with Goodman products.  The sound mufflers are not super-efficient and the units still produce noise ranging from 70-75 decibels.

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