Since 1975 Goodman is making your home a comfortable indoor place to spend with your time with your loved ones. Goodman is popularly known form 40 years for its HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) fittings and widely utilized by household and commercial purposes. This company also provides an excellent energy-saving option with an optimal furnace.

Why choose Goodman electric furnace

Goodman electric furnace is the best choice if you are looking for the best quality product from a trustworthy company. This product is also very budget-friendly and you will find the best quality product at a very small price under $700 average for your home. Goodman Company also provides the best warranty and expert HVAC fitters for your home. Goodman is also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Technical features

Goodman Company always applies innovative ideas to provide a futuristic atmosphere to your home: To reduce the time of installation, maintenance and repair a control board is there to make it easy. System programs also allow the customer to control it by remote via internet connection. A thermostat control system also has a reminder in all indoor air quality products which always make you ready for any maintenances. Size also plays a vital role in Goodman products. It just has that perfect size to fit with a compact version of old furnaces.

Goodman Electric Furnace Review

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency rating according to AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) higher in number from 80% to 98% AFUE. Some additional energy-efficient features may be created to improve the atmosphere of indoor households. Sometimes you pay higher energy bills for a cheap product.

Pricing Range

You will find a great range of prices for the furnaces in the market. Sometimes cheap products will cost you more in the future and you will never know if a costly product will serve you well. So basically the main goal is to find a good quality product at a perfect price. Goodman furnaces are available in average $2500 to $4500 price range.

Care and Maintenance

Filters should be checked and changed in an average three weeks gap which will advise keeping the air healthy for all indoors. Always be careful with the materials that can easily melt or catch fire and keep them away from the furnace. And check and clean vents regularly dust and pet hairs are thoroughly removed them away from it. Also, avoid any liquid spill near the furnace. If it happens clean it as quickly as possible to avoid danger. If any unusual sound and vibration is their call for service and books an appointment soon.

Goodman Warranties

Goodman is very much consumer-friendly in terms of warranties. It provides 10 years limited warranty on the heat exchanger and parts. A 20 years limited warranty on heat exchanger warranty. Extended warranties help you to reduce the cost of repair for a longer time. These extended warranties are available with all dealers with additional costs if necessary. Professional technicians are also provided to take care of it effectively.