Goodman is one of the major names in home ventilation, heating and home convenience and is energy-efficient. It has a wide range of high-efficiency products featuring superior engineering and high-quality design, affordably. It also offers comprehensive warranty coverage over all its products.

Why do you prefer Goodman Heat Pump?

If you are looking for a new heat pump, then Goodman heat pump is a good choice. The products are efficient and have a good range of schemes not only on the services but also on comprehensive warranties. As with any heat pump or air conditioner, one should look for the High-SEER units as it may expensive to fix in case of break down.

Goodman Top Models Comparison



The GSZ14 is one of the most common heat pumps in Goodman, and our favourite (if we had to choose).  This heat pump has a reputation for quality, and above all, it lacks the flashy technology that might tear down the “high-end” models.



For those who are looking for a move up from the Goodman heat pump model GSZ16, is the device that we will suggest. The DSZC16 as well provides some additional helping simplified unit durability.

The Bottom Line

Heat pumps usually last an average of 15 years, although some can wear out before. Goodman products are considered to be complete the life cycle as promised and cheaper in the price range. Thus it may be treated as a good brand to count in the HVAC industry. Goodman continues to provide high-quality goods that are easy and affordable to its consumers.

Goodman Exclusive Features

Feature 1 – Copper Tube Coils

Now the days, more and more companies are starting to use aluminium coils to reduce the production costs. If your aluminium coils break down, instead of patching the hole on the Copper tube you need to remove the whole for which the cost would be 3-4 times as expensive. While Goodman continues to use the copper tube and allowing consumers to do patchworks in case of break down.

Feature 2 – Compressors with Lifetime Warranty


Another but most important feature they offer is giving the compressors a lifetime warranty. This is no doubt very encouraging for potential consumers. The very reason Goodman offers the lifetime warranty is the revolutionary suction accumulator.

Goodman’s Limitation

In most cases, 16-18 SEER is suitable for residential usage for which Goodman has limited it up to 18 SEER. In case, you preferred an 18 + SEER or variable cooling air conditioner, you should test other brands.

Goodman Heat Pumps Price Range

The price model will depend on the size and venue, the specific Goodman heat pump you select, and additional installation factors if any. But the overall pricing would vary between the ranges $4,500 – $6000 (including installation for the heat pump sizes between 2 – 3.5 tons.


In the HVAC industry, it is very common to see many brands from the same manufacturer. The only difference in some situations is the branding and the logo. While it is not true for Goodman models as it always delivers high-quality, easy, and efficient goods to its consumers.