In 1976, the food world in America was in transition. The classical cooking of France still held sway, but change was in the wind. Ancient traditions were being jettisoned for nouvelle cuisine, and the American restaurant scene in California began to rival that in New York. And everywhere in the country, chefs, who were, for the most part, either European or European-trained, found themselves needing to up their game in order to compete with a rising generation of homegrown talent who saw themselves as pioneers, even lifestyle enhancers. And in those pre-internet days, none of them had the time to get on a plane and go find the tools that might give them an edge in the kitchen.Enter Judith Prince, who parleyed an early passion for fine culinary utensils—and an unerring sense for culinary trends and craftsmanship—into J.B. Prince, a firm that has been synonymous with top-of-the-line professional cooking equipment for over 45 years.