Lennox is an American brand that excels in fabricating Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems that are boast of tremendous efficiency. Lennox trade operations are not limited to U.S.A only and span over 70 countries. Lennox has established trade channels that work in conjunction with the company to distribute its HVAC unit among many counties like Australia, Singapore, Mexico, etc.

Lennox is the most sought economical brand and is deemed reliable among its users. While Lennox manufactures decent residential HVAC systems, it has also made strides in commercially viable air conditioning units.

Pros / GOOD

  • Comfort technology makes its presence felt with efficient cooling and nominal power usage.
  • Variable stage compressors are able to make precise alterations to the temperature.
  • Galvanized heavy-gauge steel is able to protect internal components from the harsh weather.
  • Quantum aluminum coils are best suited for salty environments and are rustproof.
  • The eco-friendly refrigerant usage minimizes the damage to the ozone layer.
  • SunSource technology provides relief to burgeoning electricity costs.

Cons / BAD

  • Aluminum coils are more prone to cracks that eventually lead to leakage.
  • Silent technology used in Lennox units does not curb the sound levels as advertised by the company.
  • Consumer reviews suggest the components wither faster than other brands.
  • The warranty program is stringent with no support for third party installation and maintenance.
  • The parts are scarcely available and take a lot of time to deliver.

AC Types by Lennox 


Centralized Air Conditioning Systems

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Lennox primarily manufactures centralized air conditioning systems that are situated outside the consumer’s residence. The units are massive in size and require careful mounting on a concrete surface. All the action in a centralized unit happens outside and the cool air is transferred via ducts to the rooms.


Split Air Conditioning Systems

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Lennox also fabricates mini-split air conditioning systems that are best suited for small-sized deployment. The split air conditioning systems have two units: one is mounted on the wall inside the room while the other one is installed outside, preferably on the roof. The mini-split systems are dainty in comparison to the centralized units.

Advanced Features

Lennox air conditioners all about performance that is not associated with hefty power consumption charges. The company has incessantly worked to re-engineer its air condition units with an emphasis on power consumption and sustainability. The air conditioners have also incorporated communication technology to improve user experience by automating every aspect of the operation.

Lennox air conditioning systems contain the following features-

  • Lennox air conditioning systems use proprietary Comfort technology that is interwoven with the systems to increase the overall efficiency. Comfort technology uses algorithms to pre-determine the operating power required to main the ambient temperature.

  • Precise Comfort technology increments the airflow in tiny packs of as less as 1%. It enables the air conditioner to be able to fine-tune the temperature increments for a seamless cooling experience.

  • Silent Comfort technology is a sound dampening feature that varies the operating power to minimize the noise levels emanating from the air conditioner. With silent comfort installed, the air conditioning unit can become 50% less vociferous than most of the competitors out there in the market.

  • Lennox air conditioning units incorporate R-410A refrigerant that uses non-CFC composition and is less harsh on the ozone layer. The refrigerant is able to absorb and release more heat as compared to traditional refrigerants.

  • Lennox air conditioning units come with on-board diagnostic technology that can find irregularities in the nominal working of the unit. It is labeled as iComfort and works in conjunction with the thermostat to report any erroneous activities.

  • Lennox air conditioners are housed in a PermaGuard Cabinet that sections the components for easier access and replacements.  The cabinet comes with a heavy-gauge, galvanized steel construction that does not allow rust to accumulate on the surfaces.

  • Lennox has introduced SunSource solar-ready for additional savings and energy efficiency to the air conditioning system and pairs directly with it.

  • Lennox air conditioners rely on scroll compressors for their cooling unit and are adaptable to variable operating capacity without undue pressure on the system.

Efficiency (SEER rating)

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Lennox manufactures the most efficient systems in the HVAC market. Lennox premium line of Dave Lennox Signature Collection units can reach up to a rating of 26 SEER. This makes Lennox one of the most sought energy-efficient air conditioners among consumers. The lower end Merit models can reach up to 13 SEER or more and qualifies for the bare minimum SEER rating. The mini-split lineup of the air conditioners can attain a max SEER rating of 20 units.

Tonnage / Capacity

The tonnage capacity for Lennox air conditioners ranges from 1.5 tonnes to as high as 5 tonnes and can cool an area of up to 3200 square feet depending upon the maximum capacity. The mini-split systems are available in 0.75 to 4 tonnes capacity with single and multi-zone models.

Energy Efficiency Rating

Lennox air conditioning units abide by the EER norms and are compliant for maximum energy savings.  The top-tier units can reach up to 15.5 EER rating and qualify in the most energy-efficient lineup of air conditioners. Only a low-end model of the Merit series does not qualify for the Energy Star rating and consumes more power than the rest units.

Sound / Noise Rating

Lennox has emphasized on the sound suppression system by working with Silent Comfort technology to reduce vibrations. This is done by using reinforced steel chassis that vibrates less as compared to the non-galvanized housing. The use of variable stage compressors also aids the Lennox products to make less noise while operating at high capacity. The Lennox air conditioning systems can go as low as 59 decibels and are less rattling than other models.

Compression and Coils

The Lennox air conditioning systems use scroll compressors of different stages. The variable-capacity inverter compressor is found in premium models like XC25 that can reach from 30-100% cooling capacity in minute increments of 1%. This is used to precisely control the desired temperatures. The Lennox units also use multi-stage and single-stage compressors in various models.

Lennox uses Quantum Aluminum coils that are an alloy and are used in tropical environments because of their increased resistance to corrosion. The quantum coils have fins that dissipate the heat effectively due to the large surface area. The coils are cheaper to construct and mold as compared to copper.

Installation and maintenance 

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Lennox provides approved dealers that will aid you in safely installing the piece at your home. Lennox enforces its air conditioning unit to be only installed by the specified dealer that specializes in compliance with HVAC safety norms. The third-party installation will void the warranty issued by the company and render it useless for future claims.

The Lennox air conditioning units do need timely maintenance that is provided by their associate dealers with the extended warranty program. Any leaks or stuttering should be promptly reported to the dealers to curb the system’s wear and tear.


Lennox provides the following warranty programs-

Basic Limited Warranty

The basic warranty covers the unit for five years of protection and is applied immediately from the date of purchase. The warranty does not require online registration to be done by the user. It does not cover labor charges.

Extended Limited Warranty

The extended warranty adds years to the base warranty and is only available for select products. The extended warranty covers only the cost of components, not labor, and can be voided without proof of periodic maintenance records. It requires registration of the product on the company website.

Comfort Shield Labor Warranty

Lennox also supports warranty programs from its authorized dealers and is applicable after the base warranty from the company is expired.


Lennox is the go-to brand if efficiency is your topmost concern. The products boast of superior quality compressors with variable load capacity. The sound muffling system needs improvement to be on par with other competitors. However, strict installation procedures with detailed documentation while requesting rebates make it lack in satisfactory after-sales service.

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