Rheem is almost a century-old manufacturing company based in the United States of America. Rheem is well reputed for constructing top of the line water heating equipment but is not limited to that only. Rheem manufactures best-in-class air conditioning units that are reliable and built to last. The company has a grasp over a decent amount of consumer base that is satisfied with Rheem air conditioners. Due to this, Rheem captures a fair share of the consumer market and can tread towards the innovation of their existing systems.

Rheem manufactures a handful of products that can fulfill the HVAC requirements of most residences. The lineup is kept simple to not overwhelm a new consumer seeking to make their first purchase. Rheem air conditioners work best in moderate temperature environments and are a reliable choice for residential structures.

Pros / GOOD

  • The air conditioners display increased durability against rust and corrosion.
  • Sound dampening construction that vibrates less at higher loads.
  • The unit is quieter than most of the other available competitor products.
  • The chassis is powder coated and uses rustproof fasteners.
  • EcoNet technology coupled with a competent thermostat can enable fine-tuned temperatures.
  • The air conditioners use Copeland brand quality compressors.
  • The fan is capable of operating at variable speed.

Cons / BAD

  • Poor after sales and customer supports service.
  • Only a few of the premium models are silent runners, the rest of them rattle a lot after prolonged use.
  • The warranty program does not cover labor charges.
  • The SEER ratings do not complement the pricing of the products.
  • Very few models support EcoNet technology.

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AC Types by Rheem 

Rheem primarily manufactures residential HVAC units (Centralized air conditioners) that require an outdoor installation. The centralized air conditioners have to be installed on an elevated platform to prevent water-logging during excessive rain. The elevation ensures minimal water seepage and disrupts the unwanted intrusion of insects. The outdoor unit is connected to an air handler via ducts that disburse cool air in every room of the residence.

Rheem sub-divides its products into three categories-


Prestige Series –

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The prestige series boasts of superior build quality with dustproof base pan and fasteners. It uses variable compressors and has the highest SEER efficiency ratings.


Classic Plus Series –

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The classic plus series is the semi-premium offering that is efficient and economical at the same time. They use two-stage compressors and have minor sacrifices when it comes to top-notch build quality.


Classic Series –

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The classic series is the economical offering by the company that has single-stage compressors and lacks an efficient sound dampening system. They also consume more power and can reach efficiency ratings of up to 13 SEER.


Advanced Features

Rheem, like other HVAC brands, has migrated to AI-enabled system monitoring and diagnostics technology that increases the system efficiency in most cases. Rheem has introduced its proprietary EcoNet technology into the top and mid-range lineup of air conditioning units. Rheem air conditioners have the following traits than brings them on p with their competitors-

  • EcoNet is Rheem’s attempt to make its air conditioners smarter by infusing AI-enabled systems into the HVAC unit. The system uses optimization algorithms to pre-determine the load-bearing capacity and draws power corresponding to the demand.

  • EcoNet, when paired with a thermostat of the same brand can enable precise cooling environments with minute increments that consume less power. The thermostat can also provide service assistance and frequent prompts regarding system maintenance.

  • Rheem air conditioners use Copeland compressors to maintain the refrigerant flow across the system. Copeland compressors have durability associated with them and last longer than most compressors due to their scroll technology.

  • Rheem’s variable stage compressors use modulating technology which provides more precise temperature control, lower humidity, and greater efficiency in a single unit.

  • The diagnostic service window with two-fastener opening provides access to the high and low pressure. This eliminates the removal of the chassis for minor tweaks.

  • Rheem air conditioners have a modern aesthetic design with a composite base pan that holds all the tiny units in place. It shows aversion to rust and uses 35% fewer fasteners that other AC models.

  • Rheem’s top-tier lineup of air conditioners uses a Suction Accumulator that prevents the liquid refrigerant from entering the compressor.

  • Rheem uses R-410A refrigerant (also termed as Puron) in its air conditioning units that are less jarring on the environment. The refrigerant is less corrosive in nature and does not damage the condenser coil.


Efficiency (SEER rating)

Rheem air conditioners of the Prestige series can attain a maximum SEER of 20.5 units.

The Classic plus series can go up to 17 SEER units. The SEER rating of lower end-models of the Classic series can range from 13-16 units. The overall efficiency of Rheem HVAC units are admissible and can cut down operating costs by a significant amount.


Tonnage / Capacity

The Rheem air conditioning unit’s capacity ranges from 2-5 tonnes with 1-tonne increment in each model. The classic series has a capacity ranging from 1.5 to 5 tonnes and follows a 0.5-tonne increment with each model.


Energy Efficiency Rating 

The EER rating of the Rheem air conditioner satisfied the threshold level designated by the Energy Department. The maximum attainable EER rating by the company’s air conditioning unit is 13 EER. Rheem HVAC units are efficient but not among the topmost variants of other brands.


Sound / Noise Rating

Rheem air conditioning units boast of a quieter operating cycle. The composite base pan is made of heavy gauge steel which is galvanized before installation. The chassis is powder coated and when combined with hefty body, vibrates less than the other models out there. Rheem air conditioners can go as low as 48 decibels but only in high-end models. The Classic models are noisier and can go up to 75 decibels.


Compression and Coils

Rheem uses Copeland compressors that use the scroll architecture. The scroll design compressor uses 70% less moving parts than the traditional compressors and is easy to repair. The Copeland compressors are an industrial trademark and increase the life-cycle of the HVAC unit. Copeland compressors cost a lot more than any other compressor and are backed by superior operating efficiency with less wear and tear over the years.

Rheem uses various stage compressors in models according to the budget of the unit. The classic model uses a single-stage compressor that goes from 0-100% and repeats this cycle every time the temperature drops. The multi-stage compressor cycle between high and low demand cycles. The variable stage compressors are used in Prestige models that can increment the power in bits of 1% and do not cycle on and off repeatedly.

Rheem uses aluminum coils with fins to transfer the refrigerant back and forth as per demand. The coils are installed in a single row fashion that supplements easier cleaning and maintenance.


Installation and Maintenance 

Rheem has curated a list of certified HVAC professionals present in each geographical location across the country. The program is called Find a Pro and enables the user to browse for professionals who are close by. The users can request a visit and get quotes about the cost of installation of the HVAC system.

The maintenance of an outdoor unit should be done periodically only by a licensed HVAC professional. Users can inspect the unit in case of decreased performance but are advised to call a pro rather than repairing the unit themselves.



Rheem promises to furnish a replacement for any part of this product which fails in normal use and service within the applicable period. The warranty without registration is capped at five years with no access to other perks. The warranty period is extended to 10 years after registration of the product on the company website. The registration enables access to included warranty benefits and perks. The company also offers a warranty extension scheme and is done by the professional or the dealer of your air conditioning system.



The air conditioners manufactured by Rheem use quality compressors in conjunction with AI-enabled operating and diagnostics technology. They are efficient than most products and use the latest refrigerant certified by the regulatory bodies. The high installation and maintenance cost coupled with poor after-sales service can be an inconvenience to some users situated at remote locations.

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