Trane air conditioners are notorious for their exorbitant prices, but excellence does come with a price. Trane has been in the Apex league of HVAC manufacturing and distribution for decades now. The company holds over a century (120 years) of experience in harnessing true performance out of air conditioners.

Trane air conditions do cost an arm and a leg but reward you over the course of usage with very little hurdles. The air conditioners focus more on the infusion of quality components into the unit. Trane has no place for cheap marketing shams that yields an inferior quality product.

Pros / GOOD

  • Trane air conditioners provide a premium cooling experience.
  • The variable stage compressor conserves electricity.
  • TruComfort provides improved communication within the system.
  • The spine fin coil provides improved refrigerant flow.
  • The warranty program is comprehensive and offers flexibility for consumers.
  • Trane provides additional top covers that minimize noise.
  • Trane uses rustproof fasteners and external cover tops.

Cons / BAD

  • The units are slightly expensive.
  • The spine design coils are difficult to clean.
  • The ComfortLink thermostat is sold separately and is needed to manage the unit.
  • The replacement parts take much longer to arrive.
  • The company offers nothing for budget centric consumers.

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AC Types by Trane

Trane’s main focus lies in the manufacturing of HVAC units with little interest over wall mounted units. Trane builds the following types of air conditioners –


Centralized Air Conditioners

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Trane manufactures centralized air conditioning units that are mostly installed outside the customer’s residence. The centralized units have more raw power that can be tapped to ensure stable temperature all throughout a running cycle.


Ductless air conditioners

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Trane also manufactures a single model with a variable-capacity of ductless air conditioners that have bifurcated the work between indoor and outdoor units. The air conditioners are not immensely power-hungry and can work without additional stabilizers.


Advanced Features

Trane air conditioners justify their pricing by introducing a ton of features that are implementable and useful to the end-users. Trane air conditioning units have the following features-

  • Tane holds proprietorship over the TruComfort technology. The communicating technologies are being increasingly incorporated into air conditioners to converge the communication gap between systems.

  • TruComfort automatically adjusts temperature while maintaining speeds to avoid temperature swings. Temperature swings are a major contributor to high load infliction on the compressor.

  • ComfortLink II is also embedded in their thermostats to effectively interact with the HVAC unit. It is a control point that links all the sub-systems and can be used to fine-tune the temperature requirements.

  • Trane’s TruComfort variable compressor technology is capable of climbing from 30% to 100% power usage in minuscule increments of 0.1%. This enables the compressor to maximize its operating efficiency and is much needed in power yearning HVAC units.

  • CleanEffects is an air filtration system that needs to be separately embedded into Trane’s HVAC units to sieve fine-sized pollutants. The dust and pollen are at an all-time high in the summer season and can seep into the air conditioning unit.

  • Trane is solely reliant on Climatuff compressors for the optimal refrigerant flow across the coils. Climatuff compressors are quieter than most compressors and can work for longer hours without even breaking a sweat.

  • Trane houses all-aluminum coils in their condensers that are cleaned and dried before installation. The aluminum is less prone to rust which eventually leads to refrigerant leaks.

  • Trane manufactures spine fin coils that have lesser joints and uses a single metal all-around the coil. They are stress-tested to ensure longer durability if accompanied by regular maintenance.

  • Weaterguard cover tops and fasteners that do not corrode easily and last almost the entire lifetime of the unit without needing a replacement.

  • Trane has a dedicated acoustic management unit to examine and suppress the noise generated during operation. The compressor sound insulator dampens the noise by up to 5 decibels as compared to their competitors.

Efficiency (SEER rating)

Trane compensates for its high-priced air conditioners with the capability of attaining optimal SEER rating. The top-tier models can reach up to 22 SEER and conserve operational costs by a large margin. Even the low-tier models are able to reach 14.5 SEER with little tweaks and compromises. The wall-mounted air conditioner can climb up to 24.5 SEER ratings that are a perfect solution for small spaces. SEER ratings are directly affected by the severity of the weather and can vary over the years.


Tonnage / Capacity

The centralized air conditioner offerings from Trane are available in variable capacity. The capacity ranges from 1.5 tonnes to 5 tonnes and can cool up to 3200 square feet of area without any difficulty. The wall-mounted air conditioners are available in 0.75 to 3 tonnes capacity.


Energy Efficiency Rating

Every Trane air conditioner is energy star compliant and displays grit when it comes to sensitive environmental issues like greenhouse emissions. The maximum EER rating of Trane products can go up to 15.5. Meanwhile, the minimum EER rating can go as low as 12 which is still admirable. EER increases with an increase in peak load hours.

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Sound / Noise Rating

Trane has a separate department to finesse the air conditioners to generate minimum possible noise during operation. Trane has been somewhat successful in it by bringing the noise down to 55 decibels. The lower-end models have inadequate sound muffling systems and tend to vibrate more because of the lighter chassis. This can result in reverberations up to 75 decibels.


Compression and Coils

Trane uses Climatuff compressors which are silent but still pack a punch. The Climatuff variable stage compressor enables the unit to produce less noise by making tiny increments in the operating speed. The compressor runs at 30-50 % capacity when the cooling demand is not high. The air conditioner moves up the power in little fragments that do not increase the energy costs.

Trane uses all-aluminum coils to maintain a steady flow of its refrigerant. The coil construction and testing are rigorous and have no room for errors. The coils are made with 100% foil-backed insulation, so they can be cleaned easily without scrubbing the coating off.


Installation and maintenance 

Trane Comfort Specialist is a dealer with proficiency in employee training, installation, service, and customer satisfaction. They remove the hassle of finding a competent HVAC contractor. The product should be elevated from the ground while choosing a spot for installation.

The maintenance is also looked after by Trane’s authorized dealers that provide technicians for the purpose. Proper inspection over a pre-established schedule can improve the air conditioner’s efficiency and promote less operating costs.



Trane distributes its warranty program into the following three categories-


Base limited warranty –

The base warranty is applicable to all Trane products. The warranty can range from 1-20 years depending upon the category of the product. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and excludes labor costs.

Registered limited warranty – The base warranty can be extended by registering the product on the company website. How ever there is a catch – the extension can be claimed only within 60 days of purchasing the product. The warranty ranges from 5 years to the lifetime of the product and does no cover labor costs.

Optional extended warranty – The warranty extension comes at an additional cost and covers the charges of labor and parts.



Trane products do come at a price that seems unrealistic but are catered towards ulterior customer satisfaction. Trane offers a great design with an infusion of quality components into its air conditioners. That paired with a good warranty scheme makes it future proof. Trane products are advised to customers that are in for the long haul.

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