Voltas is the pinnacle of the Indian air conditioning and cooling industry. It began as a joint venture between Tata Sons and Volkart Brothers and has continuously proliferated its operation over the years. Voltas products have steadily refined over time to mitigate energy expenditures and greenhouse emissions.

The company has an elaborative lineup of air conditioners that are suitable for a residence. The company also engraves designs on the front panels that add a hit of style to the home decor. Voltas is a reliable product and is the preferred choice for users who desire the air conditioner’s reliability in the long run.

Pros / GOOD

  • Voltas provides best in class component incorporation in its air conditioners.
  • The inverter compressor technology reduces strain on the system.
  • The company has focused on the air-filtration system along with increased purification.
  • The air conditioners use premium quality copper coils in their air conditioners.
  • The system is able to maintain efficient cooling at higher outdoor temperatures.
  • The air conditioner supports all-weather cooling in select models.
  • The unit comes with a robust dehumidification system.

Cons / BAD

  • Voltas air conditioners are slightly expensive than other product offerings in the market.
  • The company has a defunct customer care service that isn’t available 24/7.
  • The relocation and reinstallation charges are very high.
  • The warranty system does not cover physical damage that occurs while installation.
  • The silent units are only those that have inverter technology.

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AC Types by Voltas

Voltas has a comprehensive lineup of products that mold perfectly with the user’s requirements. The company manufactures the following types of air conditioners-


Split AC


Voltas has numerous models of the Split AC and it comes with its own advantages. Split air conditioners take-up very little space on the wall. The compressor unit is present in the outdoor unit and handles all the heavy lifting. Split AC is a suitable choice if you want to use it in a room that does not have a spacious vent for installation.


Window ACĀ 

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Window AC is useful if the user has an empty cut-out section on the wall or a window. The components of a window AC are fitted into a singular unit and are slightly heavy.


Cassette AC

All Weather Cassette AC | Voltas India

Cassette AC’s find their use in commercial offices where there is very little space available to mount a wall unit. The air conditioners are suspended from the ceiling and are capable of distributing air throughout the room. They are very low-profile and unobtrusive and can cool a larger area as compared to the wall-mounted air conditioners.


Tower AC

All Weather Slimline AC | Voltas India

Voltas provides Tower AC in its Slimline segment that can be placed anywhere inside the room. The tower air conditioners have a greater capacity as compared to wall mounted units. The units are connected to an outdoor unit that works in conjunction with it.


Advanced Features

Voltas products have few elements that make them a class apart among the other air conditioning products out there.

  • Voltas air conditioners provide high ambient cooling. This mode can cool the room at a fast pace, even when the outside weather is as hot as 55-degree Celcius.

  • Humidity is a deterrent factor in the monsoon season and can increase pressure on the condenser. The active dehumidifier feature vents out the humidity and maintains the real feel of the room.

  • Voltas is also reputed for its all-weather air conditioners. The segment deals with products that can perform in both summer and winter. While most air conditioners emphasize on cooling, buying an all-weather product can be used in both seasons. The variant is best suited for northern regions where each season is equally harsh.

  • The high-end variants come with Turbo mode that instantly cools the room but at the expense of high power consumption. It comes in handy when the unit is shut down for a long time.

  • Voltas air conditioners support wide range voltage operation. It becomes important in regions with frequent voltage fluctuations that can degrade motor windings.

  • The air conditioners house a 5-7 layer dust filtration system that removes allergens and odors from the air. The feature comes in handy in the densely populated areas that have deteriorated air quality.

  • Voltas inverter air conditioners do not focus on peaks and valleys while cooling the room. It tries to maintain a stable operation mode throughout the session, thereby minimizing energy costs.

  • A select few models have incorporated Wi-Fi enabled maneuvering and can be operated remotely via their official application.



The split air conditioners from voltas range from 0.75 to 2.5 tonnes of capacity. The window AC follows a similar range but is capped at 2 tonnes. Cassette air conditioner’s capacity range from 1.5 to 4 tonnes and find a place in conference rooms and small offices. The tower air conditioners range from 2-4 tonnes in capacity but have limited models to choose from.


Energy Efficiency Rating

Voltas air conditioners (residential models) are the most energy-efficient offering from the company. The cassette and tower models are focused on distributed cooling which comes at the expense of high power consumption. The wall-mounted air conditioners can attain a maximum energy star rating of 5 but are slightly more expensive than 3-star models.


Sound/ Noise rating

Voltas Inverter air conditioners are almost inaudible with an audio emission rate of measely 18 decibels. The non-inverter models are slightly vociferous and can go up to 30 decibels. The non-residential models can go as loud as 50 decibels.


Compression and Coils

Voltas products do not compromise with cheap coil material. The air conditioners are embedded with copper coils that effortlessly conduct heat and electricity. The copper coils boast of superior resistance against corrosion and are reliable for a long time.

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Voltas uses both inverter and fixed speed compressors in their air conditioners. Newer wall-mounted models come with an inverter technology compressor that maintains the overall load distribution on the system. They do not run at maximum power for a complete session and try to minimize energy costs. Fixed-speed compressor cycle on/off constantly and consume more power than inverter models.


Installation and Maintenace

Voltas ensures proper maintenance of the product through authorized professionals. The installation area for the outdoor unit should have proper flow and space to take in air from the surroundings. The installation charge does not cover any masonry or carpentry charges and has to paid separately.

Voltas promotes a scheduled examination of the air conditioning unit to look out for early signs of damage. The company also provides comprehensive warranty programs that consist of limited free inspection and servicing sessions.



Voltas provides air conditioners with a 5-year comprehensive product warranty. It covers all the functional parts of the product including gas charging and labor. The company has recently deducted the standard installation charges by a small margin. The company offers a lifetime warranty on Inverter compressor of Voltas Adjustable Inverter AC or All-Star Inverter AC.



Voltas offers premium products that can blend in with your requirements. The products have improved filtration and dehumidification system that suits arid climates. The company continuously adds innovation to their products. However, the image is marred by bad after-sales service which frustrates the customers. The annual extended warranty services are offered at exorbitant rates, which can be a huge letdown after paying a hefty amount for the product.